Bitcoin Casinos – Gambling with crypto money

Be it the invention of printing, the introduction of radio and television or the last great revolution, the Internet. This has always changed the form and nature of social interactions. With the creation of the Bitcoins, the next big change is taking place right under the eyes of billions of people and this time it is even about money.

Casinos online are always on the lookout for a secure and, above all, inexpensive payment transaction. Because that lowers the costs and gives us players the degree of freedom to decide what we value.

All this offer these new crypto currencies and still much more and are therefore responsible for it, why so-called Bitcoin Casinos shoot like mushrooms from the soil. What there is, however, for us players to consider, so that out of euphoria at the end no bad awakening follows, you learn here on this side.

Bitcoins is by far the best known representative of crypto currencies. In the meantime, countless online shops and even classic shops in the cities offer these cashless payment transactions. No wonder, then, that more and more virtual arcades are jumping on the bandwagon and declaring themselves Bitcoin Casinos. It is getting bigger and bigger in many spanish speaking countries too, as you can read at this website.

What types of Bitcoin casinos are there?

Bitcoin casinos usually differ in two different ways. One of them is the pure Bitcoin Casino, which does not accept any other means of payment other than the crypto currency. Without appropriate client software and the Bitcoin Wallet connected with it nothing runs here at all. All deposits and withdrawals are only processed via this special system. So here you cannot use some of the most common payment methods from online casinos and are bound to the full extent to the use of Bitcoins. The big advantage of these pure Bitcoin casinos for us players is that there are almost never any fees for transactions, as these are almost always taken over by the Internet casino due to the low prices. Also, no fees are charged on transactions here, for example to subsidize another form of payment, such as credit card. Another advantage is the usually very fast processing of all deposits and withdrawals. These last in the rules, provided that in the Bitcoin Casino no complex examinations delay the whole, only few minutes or maximally a few hours.

In pure Bitcoin casinos all monetary values, from the online casino bonus over the own assets, up to the bets and win at the slot machines only in the crypto currency are indicated. Especially when we as players venture into the world of Bitcoin casinos for the first time, the exact value of the offered casino bonuses should be converted into our own local currency. This will give us a feeling for the real value of the Bitcoins over time.

The Bitcoin Bonus – the still unknown creature in online casinos

The increasing acceptance of Bitcoins in online shops, donation sites and by governments of individual countries has also significantly increased the number of Bitcon casinos in the last two years. This naturally leads to the question of whether we players will find a very special Bitcoin bonus here. And the answer is simple. Of course, this form of online casino is now available in every good virtual arcade that accepts this form of payment. And just as there is the casino bonus in all possible variants, so the Bitcoin bonus is also available in almost all known forms. Most important is the welcome bonus, which works here in the Bitcoin Casino just like the well-known original with any other currency. For us gamblers there are unique or staggered welcome bonuses in Bitcoins, even a mixture with free spins is no longer a rarity. Due to the fact that the crypto currency is treated in the same way as any other form of money in online casinos, players can also expect a lot of realod bonuses. In addition, there are cashbacks, bonus codes and other small gifts, all of which as Bitcoin bonuses should make gambling as pleasant as possible. There are also no stumbling blocks in the bonus terms that will get in our way. However, it is important that all rules are read beforehand so that there is no bad awakening later and any winnings achieved can be paid out without hesitation. The bonus conditions in a Bitcoin casino should also be fair and offer them sufficient opportunity to fulfill the turnover and time window.

The majority are hybrid Bitcoin casinos

While the virtual gambling halls, which only accept the crypto currency as the sole means of payment, are still quite modest in their number, the number of hybrid Bitcoin casinos has increased by leaps and bounds. As the name suggests. These are online casinos that allow Bitcoins for transactions. And so all forms of the welcome bonus can be found here in the usual form as well as in the crypto currency. Due to the offer of both forms, the actual value of the two bonuses can also be compared here excellently.

  • Depending on the exchange rate between the crypto currency and the local currency, which is sometimes subject to strong fluctuations, we players get more or less real value for the Bitcoin bonus.
  • Another big advantage of hybrids is that we can decide for ourselves whether we prefer to gamble with Bitcoins or other funds.
  • This also gives us more flexibility in the choice of payment options when we sign up here.
  • In terms of bonus terms, a hybrid Bitcoin casino does not differentiate between the payment methods you choose, so the same rules apply to everyone.